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Escrito por Alex Rodrigues   
Seg, 22 de Novembro de 2010 07:42

The project was fostered by an enthusiastic admirer of the airman, Antonio Waldomiro de Oliveira

Text by: José Raphael Toscano (May 15th, 1997)

Translator: René Loncan Filho

Project co-ordinator and WebMaster:

A. Charles Rodrigues



- "Heroic History of Aviation" (José Ribeiro de Barros)

- "Wings Spread in the Wind" (Newton Braga)

- "João Ribeiro de Barros" (José Raphael Toscano)

- "The Jahú Epopee" (Congressman Hilário Freire)

- "Brazilian Wings" (Gerson Mendonça)

- Newspapers and magazines (from the twenties, Twentieth Century)

For more information, contact historian and journalist José Raphael Toscano: Rua Saldanha Marinho, 1025. Telephone (005514) 622-2853. CEP 17201-310, Jaú, SP, Brazil.

Suggestions and information by historians and researchers will be most welcome, contacting us clicking here.

This Home Page is a tribute from the members of the extinct Orquestra Continental de Jaú (1942-1968) "the most famous dance orchestra of the hinterlands of the State of São Paulo".