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Escrito por Alex Rodrigues   
Seg, 22 de Novembro de 2010 06:03

The Hydro-aeroplane "Jahú", anchored at the dam, the military police standing guard.

No dia seguinte do desembarque: Inspeção do hidroavião, com os motores descobertos. The day after the arrival: inspection of the aircraft, with uncovered engines.

The hydro-aeroplane "JAHÚ", arrival at Santo Amaro Dam, São Paulo, at present Guarapiranga Dam.
Ribeiro de Barros and his crew get off the hydro-aeroplane at Santo Amaro Dam.
After disembarking, Ribeiro de Barros talks to the public. At his left Congressman Hilário Freire.
After disembarking at Santo Amaro Dam, Left: Braga, Ribeiro Barros and Negrão (in uniform), Cinquini (in civilian attire).
Engines of the hydro-aeroplane, with 1100 HP (550 in each engine) power and two propellers, the front one for traction (pull) and the rear one thrust (push).
In a room at the House of Representatives. From left: Negrão, Cinquini, Ribeiro de Barros, Braga and Senator Dr. Amaral Carvalho.
At the Government Palace, waiting for the President (at present Governor) of the State of São Paulo. Sitting on the sofa: Ribeiro de Barros, the President’s Assistant and Newton Braga. On the armchairs: Vasco Cinquini and João Negrão.
Recebendo homenagens pelo grande feito, no Palácio do Governo de São Paulo. No centro, quadro com a foto de Ribeiro de Barros, herói nacional.

At Rio de Janeiro Aeronautics School, after honours Cinquini resting his hand on the jacket. Negrão holding the white kepi in his hand. Ribeiro de Barros wearing white. Braga, third from right to left.

At the Palace of Justice in São Paulo, after the honours.

Reception at the Terminus Hotel, in São Paulo, a gala evening. (The couple indicated with an "x" is Ribeiro de Barros and a guest).

Being honoured on a platform at the State Penitentiary. From left: João Negrão, Newton Braga and his wife, Vasco Cinquini, the Governor of the Penitentiary and João Ribeiro de Barros. Next to Barros Senator Dr. Amaral Carvalho.
Honours at the podium, at São Paulo State Penitentiary, with civilian and military authorities: João Negrão, João Ribeiro de Barros, Newton Braga and Vasco Cinquini. A large poster depicting the route of the flight, as an homage by the inmates.
A platform on the walls of the Church of Our Lady of Sponsorship in Jaú. The man taking a photograph is Senator Dr. Amaral Carvalho.
Jaú. Victorious arrival of the JAHÚ heroes. Over ten thousand people acclaiming fellow-citizen João Ribeiro de Barros and his party.
Being honoured for the great achievement, at the Government Palace in São Paulo. At the center a picture, photograph of Ribeiro de Barros, national hero.
Stairway at the Police Station and Public Jail in Jaú. From left: Cinquini, Negrão, Ribeiro de Barros, the Chief of Police and Braga. This photograph is dedicated by the Chief of Police (name illegible) to Cinquini.

Musicians of Orquestra Continental de Jaú Continental, as they posed for the photograph to illustrate the back-cover of the second LP honouring the "JAHÚ" exploit, recorded in 1960.

Religious ceremony (São Paulo Cathedral) to honour the Brazilian pilots.
JAA05.JPG (94327 bytes) Granite mausoleum with bronze statue of the airman, erected in 1953, by Jaú Rotary Club, at Siqueira Campos Square, on the occasion of the celebrations of the city's first centennial.