The Himn Print
Written by Alex Rodrigues   
Monday, 22 November 2010 06:09

Hymn "Jahú’s Wings"

Lyrics by Octacílio Gomes and music by Marcelo Tupinambá (+/- 1927)


Daring space pioneers!

In a splendid chant of triumph,

Guiding your steel bird,

Over the waves of the Atlantic you rose.


In an audacious and valiant outleap,

You engraved your names in History,

In which shines, light-haloed,

The high glory of Dumont and Gusmão.


The "Jahú", in a leap,

Crossing the Ocean, the Ocean,

Rose to heights the name

Of a proud Brazil,

Thirty million souls

Swelling their chests, their chests

With vibrant applause,

Honour the deed.


Negrão, Braga, Cinquini and Ribeiro

You give the World a superb spectacle,

Testing the Brazilian courage

Fighting so many obstacles.


Brazil rewards your victory,

Fearless Condors,

And among applause and flowers,

It shall keep you in the heart of History.


The "Jahú", in a leap , etc., etc.




1 - Band of the Education Institute "Caetano Lourenço de         Camargo", of Jaú. Arrangement for band, trumpets and clarions   by Luiz Minguetti.

Cover of the LP, recorded in 1964. Photo by Sputnik Foto. (picture)

2 - Artistic and Religious Choral "Santa Cecília" of Jaú. Vocal arrangement and harmony  by Antonio Waldomiro de Oliveira.

Photograph of the cover of the LP, recorded in 1968. Photo by Vicente João Pedro. (picture)